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$30 Gift Card

$30 Gift Card
You pick the card - they choose the gift category. Let your friends and family select the gift category closest to their heart. By selecting a UNICEF Gift of Sharing card you extend the spirit of sharing to those important to you and reach out to children in need. Each gift comes with a beautiful card and contains information about the four high-need areas for children: Water, Health, Play and Education. Because Gifts of Sharing gift cards carry a unique code required for redemption, e-card and no card options are not applicable.

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Thanks to generous Canadians like you, in 2014 UNICEF Survival Gifts helped children in 135 countries survive and thrive.

How Survival Gifts Work

Gifts in this category will be matched through the Kiwanis Eliminate Project, doubling the impact.

Bring friends, family and colleagues together to purchase large-scale items and share a heart-warming achievement.